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101. Concrete slab construction - Perfectly stable. Concrete is reliable.

- Perfectly stable. Concrete is reliable. Decades of experience in concrete slab construction and high-performance technical equipment make ÖBA your ideal partner for projects of all sizes. Every…

102. Concrete slab construction - ÖBA’s range of services in the concrete slab construction sector.

- ÖBA’s range of services in the concrete slab construction sector.

103. Concrete slab construction - Machine manufacturing.

- Machine manufacturing. The rapid completion of work is particularly important on motorways and express ways. For this reason, we instal concrete slabs using the slip-form technique in the course of…

104. Concrete slab construction

- Manual construction. For smaller surfaces, varying pavement widths, twisting surfaces and roadways, we instal the concrete slabs manually.

105. Concrete slab construction

- Roundabouts with concrete lanes. Due to the high centrifugal forces within a roundabout and the high deceleration and acceleration forces at its access roads, roundabouts are exposed to enormous…

106. Concrete slab construction

- Inner-city concrete slabs. Crossroads in cities are subject to particularly high loads. Here, high braking and accelerating forces occur, which can be better absorbed by concrete. In bus bays,…

107. Concrete slab construction

- Concrete slabs for outdoor facilities and parking spaces. Concrete surfaces offer advantages in logistics centres with increased heavy traffic on the loading ramps, as well as for truck parking…

108. Concrete slab construction

- Concrete flight traffic areas. Of course, heavy-duty concrete surfaces play a particularly important role in airport construction. In the end, the safety of the passengers is the most important…

109. Concrete slab construction

- Your contact for concrete slab construction.

110. Concrete slab construction

- Selected projects.
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