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Soil stabilisation

For a stable base.

Three road reclaimers with spreader units make ÖBA one of the largest companies for soil stabilisation in Austria. We annually implement projects amounting to an area of up to 2,000,000 m².

The range of services provided by ÖBA in the area of soil stabilisation.

Soil improvement using the in-place mixing technique.

By means of a precisely matched mixing ratio between the binder and the base material, a supporting base layer is constructed to optimally withstand external influences such as traffic, moisture or frost. As an upper bound support layer, it provides an ideal foundation for further road construction.

The resulting base layers depend on the type of binders used:

  • Base layers stabilised with cement (ST-Z).
  • Base layers stabilised with base layer binder TSB (ST-T).
  • Bitumen stabilised base layers (ST-B).
  • Bitumen and cement stabilised base layers (ST-BZ).
  • Soil stabilisation with lime, ash "cinerit" or mixed binder.

ÖBA performs soil improvements by means of the in-place mixing technique. In this process, the base material applied to the respective support base is mixed with the binder by a reclaimer and subsequently compacted.  

Renovation of low-load asphalt roads. 

Asphalt roads that are not subject to heavy loads can often be renovated with little effort. In doing so, the existing base, the asphalt pavement and, if necessary, the existing material are mixed to form a new, stable road structure. 

Your contact for soil stabilisation.

Soil stabilisation Michael Pritz Division manager

Selected projects.

Lower Austria . Austria
A5 Weinviertel motorway, project unit 05
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Bavaria . Germany
BAB A94 Isental motorway, project units 3 and 4
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