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About us

Leading in Central Europe.

Thanks to our high-performance paving trains made of concrete slip-form pavers, we are one of the leading providers in Central Europe. Our most important clients are the public authorities for road and railway construction in Europe. Our strong team has extensive expertise and provides our customers with perfect, long-lasting solutions.

ÖBA's annual construction performance.

  • Concrete slabs: approx. 500,000 m²
  • Soil stabilisation: approx. 2,000,000 m²
  • Joints: approx. 1,000,000 rm
  • Roundabout systems made of concrete: approx. 10
  • In-situ concrete dividers: approx 20 km


Georg Hunger

Technical management
T +43 50 626-3179

Bernhard Hackl

Commercial management
T +43 50 626-3179

Strong environment.

Embedded in the strong environment of PORR, we do business on an economically independent basis and also undertake numerous orders from companies outside the PORR Group.