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Special concrete construction

Flexibility and perfection.

ÖBA has three small slip-form pavers with which it manufactures special items using slip-form construction. In this way, we are able to construct around 20 km of in-situ concrete divider walls and 5 km kerbstone each year. We also produce special profiles by precisely adapting existing moulds to the required forms. 

The range of services provided by ÖBA in the area of special concrete construction.

In-situ concrete dividers by means of slip-form construction and their renovation.

In-situ concrete dividers prevent vehicles from getting into the opposite lane. Serious accidents can effectively be avoided in this way. 

Kerbstones using slip-form construction.

Slip-form constructed kerbstones are not only more economical than concrete blocks and granite blocks. This method also allows the production of almost any profile in any radius.


Edge paths in slip-form construction (with troughs).

This technology is used mainly in tunnel construction. Their advantages lie above all in their short construction times and flexible formability. 


Concrete base in slip-form construction.

The entire tunnel base is constructed completely level with the aid of a slip-form paver. The slip-form paver moves with the travelling mechanism at an angle of up to 42° on the concrete segment.    


Foundations in slip-form construction.

Foundations cast using slip-form construction offer many advantages, especially for substructures requiring pre-cast elements of all sorts. They can be produced in almost any profile and, above all, very quickly. 


Track lanes in slip-form construction.

The most important application of concrete track lanes is agricultural areas, which are used with heavy equipment even in wet weather. They are not only more stable than conventional dirt tracks, but also much more durable. 

Your contact for special concrete construction. 

Special concrete construction Georg Hunger Division manager

Selected projects. 

Molln . Austria
A9 Klaus tunnel chain – project units 4 and 5
To project
Stuttgart . Germany
Stuttgart 21 – Concrete base Filder tunnel
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