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Crack restoration in Burgenland 2017

Facts and Figures
Company ÖBA – Österreichische Betondecken Ausbau GmbH
Principal State of Burgenland
Location Burgenland - Austria
Type Joint, repair and surface technology
Service duration 04.2017 - 09.2017

Restoration by pieces.

Between April and September of 2017, cracks in the asphalt of the B and L roads of Burgenland were repaired. The measures were necessary to prevent further damages to the asphalt slab. The cracks had a total length of 170,000 m on approximately 250 km of road.

ÖBA was entrusted with the works, and carried out the project in close collaboration with nine different road maintenance depots. Up to four construction parties worked simultaneously at multiple depots to complete the order within the prescribed construction time to the satisfaction of the customer.