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Junction at B17/B11 IZ-Süd Wr. Neudorf

Facts and Figures
Company ÖBA – Österreichische Betondecken Ausbau GmbH
Principal ARGE B17/B11 Junction IZ-Süd
Location Wr. Neudorf - Austria
Type Concrete slab construction
Service duration 06.2017 - 06.2017

Speed and quality.

The junction of the B17 and B11 Lower Austrian main roads is subject to intensive heavy vehicle traffic, which has led to the creation of many ruts in the asphalt over the past years. The junction had to be renewed. 
The state of Lower Austria, which is the customer, chose a sustainable solution and decided to have the junction area renewed in full and carried out as a concrete slab. Within only 3 weeks, ÖBA completely recreated the entire junction area. 
The concrete slab totals approximately 4,000 m² and is 25 cm thick. Due to the various grades in the junction area, the works were carried out by hand. The service included the manufacture of the concrete slab and all of the joining work.

To prevent the important traffic junction from having to be completely closed to traffic, ÖBA worked with rapid hardening concrete in one subarea, meaning that it could be driven over again after a single weekend. 
An exposed aggregate concrete surface allows for better traction and significantly reduced noise throughout the entire area of the junction. Particularly in the specialist field of manufacturing exposed concrete aggregate and handling rapid hardening concrete, ÖBA is among the leading companies in Austria. This was one of the reasons it was chosen for the demanding work on the B17/B11 junction. The short implementation time and the high quality of the execution confirmed this choice.