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Conversion of the roundabout at B50/S4 – Mattersburg Arena

Facts and Figures
Company ÖBA – Österreichische Betondecken Ausbau GmbH
Principal Held & Francke Baugesellschaft m.b.H.
Location Mattersburg - Austria
Type Concrete slab construction
Service duration 09.2016 - 11.2016

Working without traffic jams.

At the B50/S4 roundabout near the Mattersburg Arena, extensive traffic jams formed repeatedly in the past. To counteract this, the roundabout was replaced by a junction. Due to the intense heavy traffic, the customer decided to have a concrete slab constructed over the entire area of the junction. This is how ÖBA came to perform the concrete slab works.

The construction project was implemented in various traffic stages and construction sections within only three months. In the process, traffic was hardly restricted at all. The concrete slab covers an area of 1,500 m² and is 25 cm thick. The work package also included all of the joint works, and the concrete slab being manufactured by hand. This facilitated the implementation of the project, because it allowed the construction phases to be selected much more flexibly.